Earthwork, yard piping, paving and fencing. Construction of composite pre-engineered steel/masonry treatment process building and masonry disinfection building, including laboratory casework, fire protection system, and accessories. Construction of concrete building foundations, two filtered water clearwells, washwater reclamation basins and related concrete structures. Installation of pre-manufactured, truss type, pipeline bridge. Conversion of existing clarifier to solids thickener including installation of new sludge collector mechanism and accessories. Installation of modular, factory-built steel treatment units in treatment building. Installation of skid mounted solids dewatering centrifuge and related equipment. Rehabilitation of existing open gravity filter basins into granular activated carbon (GAC) absorbers including furnishing of GAC media. Installation of process equipment including: in-line motor driven mixers, vertical turbine mixers, chemical feed pumps, vertical turbine pumps, air blowers, compressor, package sewage pump station, horizontal centrifugal pumps, chlorination equipment, chlorine dioxide production equipment, gas chlorine scrubber and other accessory equipment. Installation of process piping, valves, fittings and appurtenances. Installation of electrical power system, HVAC instrumentation, process controls, SCADA facilities and related work. Compliance with specialized environmental mitigation measures. Sequencing of startup testing and coordination of new with existing facilities. Realignment of access road and construction of new bridge over reservoir spillway.

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